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Forgotten Shield
Forgotten Shield.jpg
Unique item details
Linked attribute(s): Varies
Dropped by: Special
Skin: Unique

The Forgotten Shield is a unique item that can be obtained in exchange for a Book of Secrets in the Throne of Secrets.

Weapon Stats[]

Warrior Warrior[]

Obtained from the Keeper of Steel:

Forgotten Shield (Strength)

  • Armor: 16 (Requires 9 Strength)
  • Armor +10 (vs. Earth damage)
  • Health +30

Forgotten Shield (Tactics)

  • Armor: 16 (Requires 9 Tactics)
  • Armor +10 (vs. Cold damage)
  • Health +30

Paragon Paragon[]

Obtained from the Keeper of the Spear:

Forgotten Shield (Command)

Forgotten Shield (Motivation)

  • Armor: 16 (Req. 9 Motivation)
  • Armor + 10 (vs. Fire damage)
  • Health + 30

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