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  1. Speak to Sujun once you are ready to go rescue the rabbits.
  2. Release all the rabbits from the traps. 3/2/1/0 of 3 rabbits still trapped.
  3. See Sujun for your reward

Obtained From

Sujun in Sunqua Vale.


Locate Sujun



"<Name>, I am so glad you are here!"
"I have just learned that live rabbits are being used as bait by a hunter who wishes to capture a Yeti. As if this were not horrible enough, it seems that the scent of the rabbits is attracting all sorts of other creatures, which are attacking travelers on the road nearby. I need you to help me free the rabbits before they or anyone else gets hurt!"

Intermediate Dialogue 1

"Hurry! We have to free those poor rabbits before they get eaten! Oh, and the road is unsafe for travelers...."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

"There you go, little fellow! Imagine how frightened he must have been! Terrible, using these creatures as live bait...."

Intermediate Dialogue 3

"Two rabbits freed, one left. It feels good to do good works, does it not?"
"Wait... do you smell that? I think something has caught the rabbits' scent and is coming in for a closer look. Get ready for a fight!"
"Ugly little critter, but I suppose everything has its place in this world, somewhere. We had better go and free that last rabbit before another of those things comes for it."

Intermediate Dialogue 4

"We have done it! All of the rabbits have been freed. I feel warm and fuzzy inside."

Reward Dialogue

"Well, that was a day's work well done. You should feel very proud of yourself, <name>. You are a true hero."


Track Down Zho


When you accept this quest, Sujun gives you the skills Comfort Animal and Whirling Defense. After you accept the quest, talk to Sujun a second time to start it. Go with Sujun to the Rabbit Cages and free the rabbits, killing any monsters that get in your way. After the second rabbit is freed you will be attacked by a Hungry Kappa, kill him and move on to the last rabbit. After the last rabbit is freed, talk to Sujun one last time to complete the quest.


  • Rabbits in this quest cannot be tamed and will run away to Tsumei Village's gates and disappear (suggesting that they enter the village).
  • Defeating the Hungry Kappa is an unlisted requirement to complete the quest. Sujun will not offer the reward until it is killed, even if all the cages are open.
  • It is possible that the hunter who used the rabbits as bait was Zho, as with the followup to this quest's followup, she wishes to hunt a yeti which she has set a trap for.