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Quest map beginning from Gadd's Encampment


  1. Find Hayda in Sparkfly Swamp.
  2. Clear out the frogmen. You have 3...0 of 3 groups remaining.
  3. See Bartholos for your reward.

Obtained from

Bartholos in Gadd's Encampment



"Ah, <name>, have I got an opportunity for you. The Shining Blade has its hands full, what with the civil war, White Mantle, and crazy Asura. Now we've got an infestation of frogmen. They're a threat to the camp and, frankly, they smell funny.
I sent one of my soldiers, Hayda, to deal with them. However, she's a little brash and overconfident. I fear her head may be too much in the clouds to pay attention to what's threatening us from the muck. If you help her, you would be helping us all, and I don't have to tell you how easy it is to cash in on gratitude around here."
Accept: "Cash is good. Show me the frog!"
Reject: "Frogs are sacred to me."
When asked about quest: "Hayda should be in Sparkfly Swamp. I suggest you get hopping."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Hayda: "I simply cannot believe this! I, who am touched by the power of providence, am mired in this swamp... hunting frogs... instead of charging to the heights of glory."
Hayda: "This is Livia's doing. I'm sure of it. That harlot. She's afraid that I will show her up."
Hayda: "Hey! You there. Did Bartholos trick you out here, too? Well, you might as well help with these frogs. The sooner we finish, the sooner I can do something meaningful!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Hayda: "Rather than doing something useful, I'm stuck tromping through the muck!"

Intermediate Dialogue 3

Hayda: "If only Bartholos would give me a chance to prove myself against a worthy opponent..."

Intermediate Dialogue 4

Hayda: "Finally. That was the last of them. The world is safe, again... unless the Shining Blade gets attacked by enormous flies."
Hayda: "A job well done... by you as well. Now, Bartholos must see my true value and present me with a task worthy of my vast abilities. Come. It is time we returned to the camp."

Reward Dialogue

"I'm glad to hear the frogmen have been dealt with. Now, maybe we can focus on matters at hand instead of worrying about croaking in the middle of the night. Hayda worries me, though. I fear that she doesn't quite understand what we are up against. One day she'll have to learn that great soldiers are made, not born... and bad soldiers are dead. But, you know all about that, right?"


Give Peace a Chance


Follow the quest marker and kill the 3 groups of frogmen.