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Quest map


  1. Release Goren from his debt to Prince Bokka the Magnificent.

Obtained from

Goren in Throne of Secrets


Abaddon's Gate (mission)
Goren was not unlocked from the quest Brains or Brawn


  • 2,500 XP
  • Goren joins your party


"I'd like to fight alongside you, you being a great hero and all. I used to work for Prince Bokka, and then I did some freelance bodyguarding. But here's the thing... I ran up some... um... expenses while I was in Bokka's service. Hey, Prince Bokka owes you a favor. You could ask him to forgive my debt, and then I could do stuff for you."
Accept: "I'd love to have you working with us. I'll talk to Bokka and see what I can do about that debt."
Reject: "I think you should stay with Bokka. It's a lot safer lifestyle."
When asked about quest: "Did you talk to Prince Bokka? Is he going to forgive my debt?"

Reward Dialogue

"Goren wants to go with you? Fine, I will forgive his debt. He's free to go. If I don't have to hear him talk about the mutton chop of righteousness or the grilled cheese of destiny any longer, I'm getting the better end of this deal."


Goren's Stuff: Part 2
Scorched Earth


After receiving the quest, travel to Honur Hill and then out into Resplendent Makuun. There is a single group of Cobalts between the gate and the Prince, but they can be easily avoided. Simply enter the palace and talk to the Prince to receive the reward.