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  1. Make arrangements with Margrid's crew.

Obtained from

Margrid the Sly in Throne of Secrets.


Completion of the Abaddon's Gate (mission).
Margrid was not unlocked from the quest No Me, No Kormir.


  • 2500 XP
  • Margrid the Sly joins your party.


Heck of an operation you have here, friend. I've heard about your band of freebooters, and I'm here to sign up. Make a change in my life and all that. Besides, I've heard there's gold to be made, and I'm a dab hand when it comes to cold cash money. 'Course, someone's going to have to tell my old mates I'm not coming back. If you're willing, I'm willing. So...ready to take on another crewmember?
Accept: I don't trust corsairs, but I sense you'll be as loyal as to speak. I'll go tell your crew.
Decline: Sorry, I don't trust anyone willing to abandon their friends for a little coin.
When asked about quest: Talk to my old mates yet? I'm eager to hoist sail and join your crew, savvy?

Reward Dialogue (Shifty Lem)

"Margrid's leaving? What are we supposed to do? Ah, well. That's the way of it, I suppose...captain in fair weather empty bunk in foul. I suppose this presents someone around here an opportunity to fill the void. Hmmm. Yeah, wish her my best, stranger. Got some things to take care of..."


Simply travel to Nundu Bay to talk to Shifty Lem.