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  1. Find the Adept of the Order of Whispers and deliver the Master's Commands.

Obtained from

Master of Whispers in Throne of Secrets


Abaddon's Gate (mission)
Master of Whispers was not unlocked from the quest To Kill a Demon


  • 2,500 XP
  • Master of Whispers joins your party


"Ahai, <name>. I must apologize for my many manipulations. While I have not been part of your group, I have been watching your operation; assisting behind the scenes as much as I can. Now that we have achieved a large measure of success, I wish to come out of the shadows and work by your side. I ask but one favor. Can you carry a message to my men, telling them we were successful?"
Accept: "I will deliver your message. It's good to know you were an ally all along."
Reject: "I didn't trust you before and I don't trust you now. I'll pass."
When asked about quest: "Did you deliver that message to my men?"

Reward Dialogue

"It is good to hear from the Master. We had begun to worry about his safety. Now that we know the Order of Whispers is safe, we can begin to make plans to safeguard the future of all Elona. Evil never sleeps, and neither does the Order of Whispers."


Simply zone to the Chantry of Secrets and speak to the Whispers Adept there to receive the reward.