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  1. Speak to General Hayao and formally accept Sousuke's oath of fealty.

Obtained from

Sousuke in Throne of Secrets


Abaddon's Gate (mission)
Sousuke was not unlocked from the quest Student Sousuke



"You're the one I've been searching for! I'm glad I found you. General Hayao wanted news of your travels to carry back to Cantha. I volunteered for the job! I know you've been through a lot, but I think I can help you in the future. While you're making your report, do you mind asking General Hayao if I can join your service? I know he'd let me if you asked personally."
Accept: "You seem a useful fellow."
Reject: "I've already got so many friends it feels like I'm herding cats."
When asked about quest: "Did you ask General Hayao? Did he say yes? I'm so nervous!"

Reward Dialogue

"Sousuke? He is a fine Elementalist... and a better friend. I'm certain he will make a good companion. Just be sure to tell him where to point those fireballs... he can get a little overexcited. Good luck."


Simply travel to Kamadan and enter the Sun Docks to the east. Then speak to Field General Hayao.