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Direct Gain[]

Name Amount Stats Notes Skill type Attr Cam
"I Meant to Do That!".jpg "I Meant to Do That!" 1..4
    5 Energy.png   8 Recharge.png
If knocked down, gain adrenaline Shout WarriorStr E
Furious Axe.jpg Furious Axe 3
    5 Energy.png   6 Recharge.png
+damage, if blocked gain adrenaline Axe Attack WarriorAxe F
Mokele Smash.jpg Mokele Smash 2
    5 Energy.png   12 Recharge.png
+damage Hammer Attack WarriorHammer N
"You Will Die!".jpg "You Will Die!" 1..3
    5 Energy.png   15 Recharge.png
If foe < 50% health, gain adrenaline Shout WarriorStr F
Enraging Charge.jpg Enraging Charge 0...2
    5 Energy.png   20 Recharge.png
+movement speed, skill ends with next melee attack & gain adrenaline Stance WarriorStr N
Lion's Comfort.jpg Lion's Comfort 0...2
    4 Adrenaline.png 1 Activation.png 1 Recharge.png
Disable your signets, +heal Skill WarriorStr N
Rage of the Ntouka.jpg Rage of the Ntouka 1..6
    5 Energy.png   15 Recharge.png
For 10s, used adrenaline skill recharges for 5s Elite Skill WarriorStr N
Dragon Slash.jpg Dragon Slash 1..4
    10 Adrenaline.png    
+damage Elite Sword Attack WarriorSword F
Knee Cutter.jpg Knee Cutter 1..3
    5 Adrenaline.png   1 Recharge.png
foe must be Crippled, also gain energy Sword Attack WarriorSword E
Steelfang Slash.jpg Steelfang Slash 1..4
    8 Adrenaline.png   1 Recharge.png
+damage, if foe is knocked down gain adrenaline Sword Attack WarriorSword N
"To the Limit!".jpg "To the Limit!" 1...5
    5 Energy.png   15 Recharge.png
For each foe within earshot, gain 1 adrenaline Shout WarriorTact P
Auspicious Parry.jpg Auspicious Parry 1...3
    1 Adrenaline.png   2 Recharge.png
Block next attack against you; gain adrenaline when stance ends Elite Stance WarriorTact F
Steady Stance.jpg Steady Stance 1...3
    5 Energy.png   6 Recharge.png
Next time you are knocked down gain adrenaline & +energy instead Elite Stance WarriorTact N
Wary Stance.jpg Wary Stance 35 points
    10 Energy.png   10 Recharge.png
Block any attack skill against you, gain adrenaline and +energy for each block, this skill ends if a skill is used Stance WarriorTact P
Ferocious Strike.jpg Ferocious Strike 1
    5 Energy.png   8 Recharge.png
Pet deals +damage, if it hits, gain adrenaline & +energy Elite Pet Attack RangerBeast C
Balthazar's Spirit.jpg Balthazar's Spirit Special
-1 Upkeep.png 10 Energy.png 2 Activation.png  
Target ally gains adrenaline & 1 energy after taking damage Enchantment Spell MonkSmite P
Dark Fury.jpg Dark Fury Special
17% Sacrifice.png 10 Energy.png ¾ Activation.png 5 Recharge.png
For 5s each time a party member hits with an attack, they gain 1 adrenaline Enchantment Spell NecromancerBlood P
Mark of Fury.jpg Mark of Fury Special
    5 Energy.png ¾ Activation.png 10 Recharge.png
When ally hits hexed foe, they gain 0...2 strikes of adrenaline. Inflicts Cracked Armor on end Hex Spell NecromancerBlood N
"Make Your Time!".jpg "Make Your Time!" 1..4
    10 Energy.png   30 Recharge.png
Gain 1 strike of adrenaline for each party member within earshot Shout ParagonLead N
Anthem of Fury.jpg Anthem of Fury 1..3
    5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 10 Recharge.png
Party members within earshot gain adrenaline on the next attack skill used Elite Chant ParagonLead N
Signet of Aggression.jpg Signet of Aggression 2
        1 Activation.png 5 Recharge.png
If under the effects of a shout or chant, gain adrenaline Signet ParagonNone N
Inspirational Speech.jpg Inspirational Speech 1..3
    5 Energy.png   20 Recharge.png
You lose all adrenaline. Target other ally gains adrenaline Skill ParagonMotiv E
Balthazar's Rage.jpg Balthazar's Rage 1..2
    10 Energy.png   10 Recharge.png
If a foe is within earshot when it ends. Inflicts 1...3s of Burnings. Flash Enchantment Spell DervishMyst N
Rending Touch.jpg Rending Touch 1
    5 Energy.png ¾ Activation.png 12 Recharge.png
If you lose a Dervish Enchantment. Also deals damage and removes an enchantment from your target. Spell DervishMyst N
Zealous Sweep.jpg Zealous Sweep 1
    5 Energy.png   10 Recharge.png
For each foe you hit, and gives +3 energy per foe. Also deals +5...18 damage. Scythe Attack DervishScythe E


Name Modifier Duration Stats Notes Skill type Attr Cam
Battle Rage.jpg Battle Rage 200% 5..17s
    4 Adrenaline.png    
+33% movement, skill ends if use non-adrenal skill Elite Stance WarriorStr C
Berserker Stance.jpg Berserker Stance 150% 5...10s
    5 Energy.png   20 Recharge.png
+33% attack speed, this stance ends if any skill used Stance WarriorStr C
"For Great Justice!".jpg "For Great Justice!" 200% 20s
    5 Energy.png   45 Recharge.png
Shout WarriorNone C
Infuriating Heat.jpg Infuriating Heat 200% 30...54s
    5 Energy.png 3 Activation.png 15 Recharge.png
Elite Nature Ritual RangerExp N
Soothing Images.jpg Soothing Images 0% 8...18s
    15 Energy.png 2 Activation.png 8 Recharge.png
Can not gain adrenaline while hexed Hex Spell MesmerIll C
Weapon of Fury.jpg Weapon of Fury 105..141% 5...17s
    5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 8 Recharge.png
+1 energy on hit Elite Weapon Spell RitualistChan N
Soothing.jpg Soothing 50% 15...39s
    15 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 45 Recharge.png
Binding Ritual RitualistComm F
Soldier's Fury.jpg Soldier's Fury 133% 10...30s
    5 Energy.png 1 Activation.png 5 Recharge.png
While under effects of shout/chant; -20 armor while active, 33% IAS Elite Echo ParagonLead N
Focused Anger.jpg Focused Anger 100%..220% 45s
    10 Energy.png   60 Recharge.png
Elite Skill ParagonLead N
Natural Temper.jpg Natural Temper 133% 4...9s
    3 Adrenaline.png    
While not under the effects of an enchantment Skill ParagonLead N
Avatar of Balthazar.jpg Avatar of Balthazar 125% 10...74s
    5 Energy.png 2 Activation.png 20 Recharge.png
+20 armor, converts attacks to holy damage, 1..3s burning on nearby foes on dervish enchantment end. Elite Form DervishMyst N
Onslaught.jpg Onslaught 125% 3...13s
    10 Energy.png   10 Recharge.png
Also increases attack and movement speed by 25% Elite Flash Enchantment Spell DervishWind N

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