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Project[ | ]

This is an ongoing effort to improve GuildWiki's armor galleries.

Recently, a new image parameter called "Nohelmet = yes" was added to the armor art template

It enables showing an additional picture of a full dyed set without the helmet shown.
The purpose of this picture is to show how some sets that have headgear that hides hair and/or face look without the corresponding helmet.

Many galleries are still incomplete or lack proper images

There are quite a few galleries that still have missing images for different views or fail to comply with the Style and formatting guidelines of GuildWiki and need updating badly.

How can I help?[ | ]

For coders
  • Visit the Armor art gallery template and learn how to implement the new "Nohelmet = yes" parameter into galleries
  • Look through the galleries and add this parameter to any armor set that has a helmet that hides face and/or hair and thus has a strong optical variance depending on whether the helmet is displayed or not. This includes basically all Warrior and Ritualist, most Dervish and some Ranger and Assassin armor.
  • Look through the galleries and add the "Update-reason = <reason>" (replace <reason> with the proper reason) to armors:
  • That lack specific images such as grey component views, dyed views, helmet views, etc., including the "No Helmet" image for sets that should use this parameter
  • That have pictures which fail to comply with the Style and formatting guidelines of GuildWiki. This most notably includes pictures that were not taken on the Isle of the Nameless.
For uploaders
  • If the images are missing: Click the red links in a specific gallery to upload the according image
  • If the images need updating: Click on the according image and search for Upload a new version of this file, upload the updated image.
  • When the updated gallery complies with the style and formatting guidelines, edit the armor gallery code and remove the "update-reason" parameter. If you do not know how to do this, please leave a notice on the talk page of this project here.