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Update - Friday, January 13 2006[]

Please do not be alarmed.

Though the strange occurrences you are witnessing outside the Tomb of the Primeval Kings have not, as of yet, been fully explained, we, the Zaishen Order, are here to provide for your safety.

Be advised: Those who dare approach the entrance to the Tombs in the coming days risk great peril. You would do well to leave this matter to the trained Zaishen experts who are already hard at work. We will not interfere with your comings and goings if you do not interfere with ours.

As a service of Balthazar you have been notified.

-Commander Kuro of the Zaishen Order.

GuildWiki notes[]

This update is part of the preparations for the Guild Wars Factions Global Free-for-All PvP Weekend. As a result, members of the Zaishen Order appear at several places in Tyria (Lion's Arch, Competition Arena, Team Arena, The Amnoon Oasis, Tomb of the Primeval Kings), passing through on their way to investigate a "disturbance" at the entrance to the Hall of Heroes. Henchmen at the Tombs were replaced with Zaishen henchmen.