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Update - Wednesday, March 29, 2006[]

Attention fellow citizens of Tyria,

You have no doubt gazed with sorrow upon the scores of refugees displaced by the terrible conflict raging in the southern lands of Cantha. Were it not for the noble efforts of hired heroes, these poor souls would be spending another cold night in filthy gutters.

Mukesh the Merciless and his vile undead horde have been purged from the grounds of Nebo Terrace. The Kurzick homeless are pitching camp there as I speak. Likewise, the ettin thugs led by the notorious—and odiferous—Smuush Fatfist have been quashed, making possible the Luxon settlement being built in North Kryta Province.

By order of the White Mantle, I declare both Nebo Terrace and North Kryta Province fit for habitation and trade.

-Lionguard Neiro

Guildwiki Notes[]

This update introduced two settlements into the Kryta region. The first is the Luxon Settlement in North Kryta Province (north of Lion's Arch and south of the Ascalon Settlement). The second is the Kurzick Settlement in Nebo Terrace (north of Bergen Hot Springs and east of Beetletun). Both settlements are occupied with a few peasants and children as well as two NPCs who seem to be related to possible future quest. Click on each settlement for more information about what's available there.

Related to the two new settlements are two new quests at Lion's Arch:

The update also made the the two quests below no longer available, however you can collect your reward if previously obtained: