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Update - Tuesday, April 25, 2006[]

Fellow citizens of Tyria,

Due to growing violence between the Kurzick and Luxon refugees we have so graciously allowed to live in Kryta, we have been forced to take drastic measures to ensure your safety. We have purchased passage on separate ships to return the survivors from both groups to their homelands in Cantha until such time as they can learn to live in harmony. If they cannot do so there, they will not be given the opportunity to spread their strife here.

There will be two exceptions: Meika Ulrikar of the Kurzicks and Dalos Ekarus of the Luxons have requested that they be allowed to stay in Kryta and become citizens. After reviewing the situation, the Lionguard has granted this request—both shall be allowed to remain in Kryta as citizens of our land, being the only two (among many) who have found a way to stop fighting each other. Furthermore, they shall be granted property near the city of Lion’s Arch as a gift for their willingness to overcome the ancestral hatreds that so darken the minds of their people. Treat them well, people of Tyria; they may be strangers in many ways, but they have chosen peace and must be shown we of Tyria respect that decision.

 — Lionguard Neiro


  • Added a Titles tab to the Hero panel. Full support for titles, including the display of titles to other players, will not be available until the release of Guild Wars Factions.
  • In PvP, the victorious players can no longer be killed after a battle ends. This prevents remaining effects, such as Disease or the Edge of Extinction Spirit, from wiping out a winning team after the battle has ended.
  • Improved quest marker support for destinations outside of the character's current map.
    • The zoomed-out world map now shows the location of the destination map.
    • The zoomed-in world map shows an arrow at the appropriate exit for the current map and displays the name of the destination map in green.
  • The entries in the Control Setup dialog box are now grouped by category. Categories and entries within each category are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Added DirectX 9 renderer support for anti-aliasing with GeForce 3 and 4 graphics cards.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the maintained Enchantment Unyielding Aura from ending if its caster died.

GuildWiki notes[]

Crates in a guild hall

Anvil in a guild hall

In addition to the changes mentioned above, this update introduced the following:

  • Changed the End User License Agreement (EULA) to include information regarding Guild Wars Factions and required all users to accept the EULA in order to continue playing.
  • Control Setup dialog provides four new options that can be bound to keyboard shortcuts, for targeting the next and previous items and party members.
  • The borders of wards are now marked more distinctly.
  • Scar Pattern Armor now affected by dye coloring differently (change in resulting color/shade).
  • Scroll foci have been renamed to Earth Scrolls.
  • Upon entering an area, the area type is displayed under the area name.
  • The bundle tank tactics seem to have lost its effectiveness in focusing enemy fire.
  • Meika Ulrikar and Dalos Ekarus have settled in a small home by the farm where Miraba lives a short walk north of Lion's Arch. They offer no quests at the moment.
  • As the Kurzick and Luxon settlers have been evicted, the Caromi Tengu have reclaimed their traditional hunting grounds in North Kryta Province.
  • Lionguard Neiro has left Lion's Arch to attend to his more important Lionguard duties.
  • Gypsie Ettins have retrained themselves using lighter armor, thus not dropping as many rune-infused items anymore.
  • Several Guild Hall changes:
    • The map marker for Guild Hall has been renamed to what map type it is, for example: it says Warriors Isle instead of Guild Hall.
    • The guild map type is displayed on loading along with the guild that owns it in smaller text.
    • Several objects have been added to the guild halls including a storage box, crates, and an anvil. These objects are not loaded during GvG battles.
    • The Kurzick Kommandant, Kurzick Scribe, Luxon Navigator and Luxon Scribe are nowhere to be found.