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Update - Thursday July 13, 2006[]



* Note: Like all reduction caps, these only affect the cap from multiple sources. Any single skill that exceeds this cap will still work. Thus, skills such as Lingering Curse or Ritual Lord still gain their full effect.





  • Air of Enchantment: added a minimum 1 Energy cost; increased recharge time to 8 seconds.
  • Divine Spirit: now reduces energy cost for Monk spells, not all Monk skills.
  • Infuse Health: fixed a bug that occasionally caused it to execute without healing the target.
  • Life Sheath: now renews damage reduction when it is cast on a target that already has Life Sheath on it.
  • Signet of Rejuvenation: reduced recharge time to 8 seconds; increased the conditional heal to 15..75 Health.
  • Spell Shield: no longer disables skills more than once when renewed.




  • Displacement: Changed the skill's description to match its behavior.
  • Draw Spirit: reduced cast time to .25 seconds.
  • Lamentation: increased the target's needed proximity to a corpse or Spirit to "in the area".
  • Wielder's Boon: increased conditional heal to 15..60 Health.


Amended Update Notes for July 13, 2006 (added July 21)[]

  • Updated Ranger pets to acquire Death Penalty when they die. This currently applies on PvP maps only.
  • Updated the wording of Shouts to use the phrase "within earshot". This is not a change to how the skills work. It is only meant as a clarification of how large their range is. The size keywords for area-of-effect skills are now:
    • Adjacent: Melee attack range.
    • Nearby: One and a half times Adjacent range.
    • In the Area: Two times Adjacent range.
    • Within Earshot: Three times Adjacent range.

GuildWiki notes[]

  • The material storage upgrade costs 50g for each character.
  • Newly created characters no longer receive pre-order items automatically. To retrieve them, you can still use "/preorder" or "/bonusitems" in an outpost.
  • Weapon upgrades and Runes now indicate which kind of weapon/armor they attach to. For example, a dagger tang will have the text "Attaches to: Dagger".
  • If you had in your inventory a collector's Crimson Carapace Shield 16AL req 9 tactics 45hp, -2 dmg while in stance, its stats has been changed to +60hp, -3 dmg while hexed, req 9 strength. This only happens if you got your shield from the Shiverpeaks, Crimson Carapace Shields from the collector in the Scar are unchanged.