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Update 2 - Thursday August 31[]

  • Monk and Necromancer skill packs were incorrectly unlocking the other Profession’s skills. This has been corrected.

Update - Thursday August 31[]

Was Previously[]

  • We are preparing additional functionality for the online store.

GuildWiki notes[]

  • The Unlock Packs are priced at 9.99 USD / 8.99 EUR / 5.99 GBP per profession, or 39.99 USD / 35.99 EUR / 23.99 GBP for all six.
  • Each Pack includes all core and Prophecies-only skills (including elite skills) for the corresponding profession.
  • A Factions-only account cannot currently purchase an Unlock Pack.

Update - Friday August 18[]

GuildWiki notes[]

After this update players had to re-accept the End-User License Agreement due to document updates to cover e.g. the new Guild Wars in-game store.

Update - Thursday, August 17, 2006[]


Guildwiki Notes[]

The following new rare weapons have begun to drop in the game, as hinted by The Scribe in his report:

At least some of these weapons are Honorable Mentions from the Design A Weapon Contest. Multiple other new weapons are rumored, but still unconfirmed.

Update - Saturday, August 12, 2006[]

GuildWiki notes[]

  • Warrior runes of absorption now indicate that they do not stack.
  • Seems to have reintroduced the bug that causes sound to fail.

Update – Friday, August 11, 2006[]

Update – Friday, August 4, 2006[]

Update 2 - Thursday, August 3, 2006[]

  • Made preparations for the upcoming Elite Weekend event.
  • Fixed a bug that caused some clients to crash during Elite missions.
  • Eased excessive messaging filter restrictions for party chat, guild chat, and whispers. Restrictive filters for these forms of chat were inadvertently reintroduced in the previous update.

Update – Thursday, August 3, 2006[]

  • Returned Zaishen Supply Masters to the Great Temple of Balthazar. The Supply Masters will remain until August 7, 12:01am (Pacific daylight time).
  • Fixed a bug that caused crackling sounds and static on some sound cards.
  • Added support for additional European credit cards to the online store.

GuildWiki notes[]

  • European players were unable to log in for part of the day. The problem has been corrected.

Update – Tuesday, August 1, 2006[]


GuildWiki notes[]

  • Removed Zaishen Supply Masters from the Great Temple of Balthazar.
  • Zaishen Medallions are no longer awarded to players after winning PvP matches.
  • You no longer have a blue cape when joining a group in Team Arenas before going to combat.
  • The "Enter Mission" button in Challenge Missions has been changed to say "Begin Challenge," differentiating Challenge Missions from other missions.
  • The "Enter Mission" button in Arenas has been changed to say "Enter Battle."
  • The henchmen bug was not fixed although the update claims so.
  • Players sometimes do not show their class and level above their heads when not in a party.