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Update - Friday, June 30 2006[]

Update - Thursday, June 29 2006[]

The Dragon Festival has begun! Characters who wish to receive their Dragon Helm must collect 250 Jade Wind Orbs, which can be earned by undertaking quests, competing in the Dragon Arena, or taking part in the festival games. Emperor Kisu will honor us by appearing at the Shing Jea Monastery every 2 hours on the final day of the festival to reward those who have gathered 250 orbs. If you cannot attend the final day of the festival, take heart! The emperor has stationed an Imperial Supplymaster at the monastery, who will stay for a few days after the festival’s end to give Dragon Helms to those who have gathered their 250 orbs.


GuildWiki notes[]

See Dragon Festival 2006 for additional information on the event, including quests and mini-games.

Update - Wednesday, June 28 2006[]

Attention fellow citizens of Cantha,

On behalf of Emperor Kisu, it is my pleasure to announce this year's Dragon Festival, a five-day celebration of games, dance, drink, and revelry, where we commemorate the dawning of the Age of the Dragon and all those who helped to rebuild our great lands after the Jade Wind. Throughout the duration of the festival, citizens of our great empire convene at Shing Jea Monastery to socialize with others, partake in carnival activities, and amass collections of Jade Wind Orbs to be redeemed for special prizes. Fans of sport can flex their muscles in the Dragon Arena, where battle prowess and longevity are recognized and rewarded.

There will be no shortage of engaging entertainment, so we hope you make the journey to our lush island and join us in revelry.


GuildWiki notes[]

Update - Saturday, June 17 2006[]

  • Fixed a bug that occasionally prevented the victory chest in the Hall of Heroes from dropping items.

Update - Friday, June 16 2006[]

  • Added Priests of Balthazar to all Alliance Battle outposts.
  • Added 4 new maps to the Random Arena and the Team Arena.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the caravan to stop moving in Gyala Hatchery.
  • Fixed bugs and made improvements to the following quest: The Shadow Blades.
  • Fixed the descriptions of several Ranger skills, which were displaying incorrect values after the last update.
  • Fixed a bug that caused henchmen to drop gold when they died.
  • Fixed a bug that caused monsters to drop loot even if your party had no part in killing them.
  • Fixed a bug in PvP that caused dead players to receive morale boosts for the deaths of opposing team members.

GuildWiki notes[]

  • After this update, some players saw the following line repeatedly in their chat window: "Reattempting connection to the server (Code 50)." The game client refused to load new areas most of the time when map-travelling or walking through area portals. This problem seems to have been transient and/or has been resolved.
  • After this update, it seems you can no longer farm for rewards for The Captured Son quest.

Update - Thursday, June 15th 2006[]

  • Added the winning items from a recent community contest to the game. (See The Scribe for more information.)
  • Added faction bonuses for individual kills in alliance battles and competitive missions. Each kill awards the team's members with 1 Luxon or Kurzick faction point and 3 Balthazar faction points.
  • Improved faction bonuses awarded at the end of an alliance battle. Both the winning and losing teams' members earn 2 Luxon or Kurzick faction points for each point scored during battle. The winning team's members receive an additional 250 Luxon or Kurzick faction points.
  • Improved faction bonuses awarded at the end of the Jade Quarry competitive mission. For each jade slab brought to a team's base, the team's members receive 40 Luxon or Kurzick faction points. The winning team's members receive an additional 250 Luxon or Kurzick faction points.
  • Improved faction bonuses awarded at the end of the Fort Aspenwood competitive mission. For each gate that was knocked down at least once, the Luxon team's members receive 80 Luxon faction points. For each percentage point of progress toward Gods' Vengeance, the Kurzick team's members receive 4 Kurzick faction points. The winning team's members receive an additional 250 Luxon or Kurzick faction points.
  • Added a confirmation dialog when attempting to sell an equipped or hot-keyed inventory item.
  • Corrected the levels of several NPCs in The Divine Path.
  • Updated the location of the dye trader in Kaineng Center.

Item Upgrades

Updates over the past several months have improved a number of weapons and armors; these updates applied only to newly generated items, not to items already in player inventories. This update applies past improvements to the following inventory items:

GuildWiki notes[]


  • Several Nature Rituals were affected by a bug that swapped the level of the spirit and its associated effect. For example, Edge of Extinction at 9 Beast Mastery claimed to make a level 36 spirit that does 6 damage, when it should say a level 6 spirit that deals 36 damage. This was only a display bug; the spirit was still the appropriate level when summoned.
  • This update introduced a bug in the drop system. Creatures killed near the party but not by party members (i.e. mobs fighting each other) would drop loot for the party. Henchmen who died after gold started dropping for the party would also drop gold when they died.
  • The chest for the winning team in the Hall of Heroes will not drop items most of the time. About 1 in 5 chests will actually drop the items.
  • Creatures no longer gain experience for killing you as they used to.

New Unique Items[]

Bestiary Updates[]

Item Changes[]
  • Armor Penetration 10%(Chance: 10%) ⇒ Armor Penetration 20%(Chance: 20%)
  • Energy +3 (condition) ⇒ Energy +5 (condition)

Update – Friday, June 9th, 2006[]

GuildWiki notes[]

Update – Friday, June 2, 2006[]

  • Opened alliance chat to all members of the alliance, not just guild officers.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from sending alliance chat messages while observing a game.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented ignored players from being ignored in guild and alliance chat.

Update – Thursday, June 1, 2006[]





  • Stolen Speed: reduced casting time to 1 second; reduced recharge time to 3 seconds; corrected the wording on this skill.
  • Arcane Languor: increased duration to 1..8 seconds.





  • Archer Signet: the number of attacks now update when reapplying this skill.


GuildWiki notes[]

  • Faction points gained now show up as a number above characters heads (like experience points), Luxon Faction in red, Kurzick Faction in blue.
  • The names of Mission NPCs and Quest NPCs who speak are now in a darker blue shade than those who speak in team chat.