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Update 2 - Friday, July 20, 2007[]

Update - Friday, July 20, 2007[]

Guild Wars: Eye of the North Pre-Order[]

Promotional Items[]

  • Pre-order and promotional weapons that contain open component slots can once again be enhanced with upgrade components. These upgrades cannot be salvaged from the weapon once they have been applied.


  • The character selection screen has been updated to Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed several skill-related bugs that occurred during the last update. Included among these updates: Fast Casting once again works on Signets, Spawning Power once again increases weapon spell duration, and Mesmer interrupt skills once again work on Chants.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Observer Mode games to disappear prematurely from the list.
  • Fixed a bug that caused attributes to be listed in red text.
  • Fixed a graphical map error in the Ring of Fire.

GuildWiki notes[]

  • The Heroes Ascent map Dark Chambers has been renamed to Golden Gates.
  • This update has caused heroes and henchmen to sometimes stay in one spot and not move despite being flagged or the controller moving.
  • Polish and Russian districts have been added to European district list.
  • Mallyx the Unyielding in The Ebony Citadel of Mallyx has had his skill Summoning Shadows reverted back to an earlier glitch where he is able to use it every 5-7 seconds even though the skill description still says the skill recharges in 20 seconds.
  • After this update, Elemental Hunt has the added ": 1 = 1" on the end of its description.
  • After this update, Menzies Battle has the added ": 2 = 2" on the end of its description.
  • Although Dragon Fangs do not have empty upgrade slots, they will accept upgrade components. Same goes for the Soulbreaker and Sunspear.
  • Serpent's Quickness no longer reduces the recharge time of other stances.
  • Iron Horse Mine now has a lag error that causes some computers to experience long lag issues throughout the entire explorable area.
  • There is a minor glitch with hero flagging, occasionally the cursor icon will not change to indicate you are going to place a flag.