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Update - Thursday, August 02, 2007[]

Heroes' Ascent Update[]

As a part of this play-balance test week, we’ve made the following changes to Heroes' Ascent:


GuildWiki Notes[]

  • Party Search text now appears at the end of the text string. Example: LFG for xx quest (Party Search)
  • Gladiator Title Track description has been updated. It says you earn 1 point per win in Random and Team arenas and 5 bonus points for each 5 wins in a row. This is only a text change. This has been posted as a bug from Gaile on the fansite forums [1] [2]. It is noted that it is a possible future change to the title and that it would affect retroactively those who have earned points in the current system.
  • Size is approximately 4.5 MB.(when you use -image)
  • Added some Translations for the Guild Wars: Eye of the North Preorder Items.
  • You can no longer place preorder items in storage, not even with the item swap trick that worked before.