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Update - Thursday, December 6, 2007[]

Lowered Level Access for Entry into Eye of the North[]

  • Characters can now enter Eye of the North as early as level 10 by accepting the quest "What Lies Beneath" from Len Caldoron in Lion's Arch, "I Feel the Earth Move Under Cantha's Feet" from Minister of Maintenance Raiugyon in Kaineng Center, or "Hole of Istan" from Bendah in Kamadan.
  • Players who are between levels 10 and 19 and are in Eye of the North maps will automatically receive a buff called Journey to the North. This buff grants players a base Health of 480 and bonuses to their attributes, and replaces their current armor level with the max armor level for that class until they reach level 20.
  • The Journey to the North buff sets one attribute to rank 12 and three additional attributes to rank 9. The effect overrides the player's current ranks in all attributes and places 12 ranks in the attribute of the weapon the player is wielding, 9 ranks in that player's primary attribute, 9 ranks based on the attribute of the focus or shield the player is wearing (if applicable), and 9 ranks based on the skills on the player's Skill Bar until the player has three attributes with 9 ranks in them.
  • Upon reaching level 20, the Journey to the North buff goes away the next time that player enters a new zone.
  • Players new to Eye of the North can now receive a basic max damage weapon by completing the Hero Tutorial quest given by Burol Ironfist in Boreal Station. Once completed, players receive a Burol Ironfist's Commendation item that can be turned in to Arkor Leadfoot in Boreal Station for a weapon of their choosing.
  • A new armorer, Jolvor Stoneforge, has been added to Boreal Station to give players a cheaper source of basic max level armor in the Eye of the North expansion.

Updated PvP Rewards[]

  • Tolkano, the Tournament NPC, now sells Zaishen Keys for either 5,000 Balthazar Faction or 5 Tournament Reward Points. These keys open the Zaishen Chest on the Isle of the Nameless. Tolkano can be found in the Great Temple of Balthazar, the Hero Battles outpost, and all guild halls.
  • The Zaishen Chest is located on the Isle of the Nameless at the top of the stairs near the location of The Guide.
  • The Hall of Heroes chest now grants players a Zaishen Key in addition to the normal drops they receive.

Guild Hall[]

Three new NPC upgrades are available for guild halls. Members may speak to the Guild Lord in their hall to purchase these upgrades for their guild.

  • Canthan Ambassador: allows viewing of guild halls available for purchase
  • Guild Emblemer: allows the guild leader to change the guild's cape without leaving the guild hall.
  • Festival Hat Keeper: gives guild members access to an NPC who can remember and reproduce special festival hats they have acquired.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug that caused players to complete the first discovery location in the Tengu Peace Accords bonus mission pack mission during the end cinematic while in Discovery Mode.


  • Flasks of Firewater now provide 3 minutes of drunk effect upon a single consumption.
  • Lockpicks now drop in Eye of the North maps in normal mode at the same rate that keys drop in other regions.
  • Updated the Ursan Strike, Volfen Claw, and Raven Talons skills to touch range to make them more consistent between the mission versions and the Norn title versions.

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