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Update - Thursday May 3, 2007[]

Audio Updates[]

  • Improved combat sounds for axes.

Hero Panel Update[]

  • Renamed the "Hero Battles" tab that is found in the Hero panel to "Account."
  • Removed the Tournament statistics from the top of the Hero Panel. This information is now found in the new Account tab.

Automated Tournaments[]

  • Made further preparations for the beginning of the first season of Automated Tournaments, which starts on Monday.

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug that prevented Heroes and henchmen from kiting in Hard Mode.


  • Made preparations for the Double Experience for Elite Skill captures weekend.
  • Changed the loading screens for many of the maps in the Battle Isles.
  • Chinese users can now add access keys to their accounts through the Character selection screen.

GuildWiki notes[]

  • Imperial Commendations have been reverted back to their original silver appearance in inventory.
  • When pinged, the Hard Mode icon now says "This is Hard Mode!" rather than "We're in Hard Mode!"
  • In addition to loading screen changes on the Battle Isles, the character select screen background for the region has been changed.
  • The German and Spanish messages for using lockpicks are now properly translated.
  • The French messages for losing or restoring connection with the server are now properly translated.
  • Spellcasting item inscriptions now have a two-color, copper appearance.

Update - Thursday May 10, 2007[]

Automated Tournaments[]

  • Added tournament start time and round totals to the Automated Tournament list.
  • Changed Automated Tournament registration time from two hours to one hour.


  • Added observer mode categories for Top GvG Tournament Battles, Top 1v1 Tournament Battles, and Top 1v1 Battles.
  • Made preparations for the Heroes' Ascent Double Fun Weekend.

Bug Fixes[]

GuildWiki notes[]

  • Xunlai Representatives have all been renamed to Xunlai Agents.
  • Pets no longer acquire morale bonuses.
  • In the Log Out confirmation dialog, the middle option has been renamed from "Character" to "Character Select."

Update - Thursday May 24, 2007[]

Automated Tournaments[]

Item Updates[]

Armor Insignias and Bonuses

  • Players can now obtain armor insignias from all campaigns. Profession-restricted insignias will only drop in campaigns in which characters of that profession can be created.
  • Crafted armor in Prophecies and Factions now supports insignias. The insignia bonuses are meant to replace the previous inherent armor bonuses and require several additional changes:
    • From this point onward, armor pieces newly crafted in these campaigns will not have inherent bonuses. The crafting costs of these armor pieces have been reduced accordingly.
    • All existing level 20 armor from these campaigns now have insignias in place of their inherent bonuses. Please note that the bonuses on these armor sets have not been altered. The only change is that these bonuses now come from insignias.
    • All existing lower-level armor pieces from these campaigns now support insignias but have had their inherent bonuses removed.
    • Numerous armor sets have been renamed to avoid redundancy with insignia names.
  • Lower-level collector armor pieces from Prophecies and Factions now support insignias. Level 20 collector armor does not.

Ascended Armor Changes and Additions[]

  • The following changes were made to Ascended armor sets:
    • The armor sets crafted in Droknar's Forge have been divided between the two armorers in a more organized fashion.
    • Several Ascended armor sets have been renamed to avoid naming conflicts with the corresponding level 20 armor sets.
    • A new "Labyrinthine" tattoo set has been added for Monks at Marhan's Grotto.
  • In Prophecies, Mesmer, Monk, Necromancer, Ranger, and Warrior headgear may now be crafted with a variety of attribute bonus options.
  • Existing Lieutenant's Helms crafted in Prophecies now have a +1 Tactics bonus in addition to a Lieutenant's Insignia.

Miscellaneous Item Changes[]

  • The Icy Dragon Sword is now considered a rare item. This change also means that it is now exempt from loot scaling.
  • To help prevent trade scams, The Heart of Ice Prophecies quest item no longer shares icon art with sapphires.

Elite Mission Updates[]

  • Urgoz's Warren
    • Defeating Urgoz now spawns a chest that each player will be able to interact with individually. This chest will grant each player either one inscribable rare item or one of Urgoz's unique items, as well as two chunks of Amber.
    • Players who open this chest while in Hard Mode will receive two item drops and four chunks of amber.
    • Urgoz no longer drops his unique items himself.
    • Fixed an exploit where creatures successfully using suicide skills in Urgoz’s Warren still gave loot and experience.
  • The Deep
    • Defeating Kanaxai now spawns a chest that each player will be able to interact with individually. This chest will grant each player either one inscribable rare item or one of Kanaxai's unique items, as well as two chunks of Jadeite.
    • Players who open this chest while in Hard Mode will receive two item drops and four chunks of jadeite.
    • Kanaxai no longer drops his unique items himself.

Help Panel[]

Players can now access a Help panel by pressing F10 on their keyboard or by typing /help. This new panel contains links to the official Guild Wars Wiki, where players can both obtain and contribute information about their current quests, skills, locations, and guilds.

  • The /help emote has changed to /helpme. /help is now used to open the Help panel.
  • Typing /wiki into the Chat panel opens the front page of the wiki, while typing /wiki followed by a word or phrase searches the entire wiki for that content. (Please note that there is only an English language wiki available at this time.)

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug that caused some items to appear temporarily as white boxes in the Inventory panel.
  • Fixed a bug in Old Ascalon that prevented some players from vanquishing the map while in Hard Mode.
  • Fixed a line-of-sight bug that allowed a variety of exploits in the Dark Chambers Hall of Heroes map.


  • Made preparations for the GvG Double Reward Weekend event.
  • Bow descriptions have been updated to include bow type.
  • The Observer mode game list now remembers which categories have been collapsed. The automatic selection feature now only chooses from expanded categories.

GuildWiki notes[]

Update - Friday May 25, 2007[]

Bug Fixes[]

  • Fixed a bug that disconnected some players immediately after they selected a character from the log-in screen.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some players from clicking on template announcements in the Chat panel.

GuildWiki notes[]