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Update - Friday February 29, 2008[]

Bug Fixes[]


  • Updated Automated Tournament map rotations.
  • Made the following improvements to Fort Aspenwood:
    • The green gate will no longer close behind the juggernaut, trapping him within Gunther's area.
    • The Luxon siege turtles will no longer target spirits, minions, or pets when choosing enemy targets.
  • Updated the Journey to the North buff description to inform players that attributes cannot be modified while under the benefits of the buff.
  • In the Gate of Desolation mission, removed a redundant portion of the skill description for Queen Bite (an Aijundu skill), which stated that the skill healed for 0 life.
  • Removed health regeneration from Ilsundur, Lord of Fire to be consistent with other dungeon boss encounters and to reduce the difficulty of the encounter.

GuildWiki notes[]