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Update - Thursday, December 9, 2010[]

Skill Balance[]

For more information on these changes, please see the Developer Updates page.


  • Assault Enchantments: increased recharge to 8 seconds.
  • Fox Fangs: split for PvP; retains original functionality.
  • Fox Fangs (PvP): increased recharge to 6 seconds.
  • Shadow Walk: removed existing restriction on enchantments; added the following functionality: "Your stances and enchantments are disabled for 10 seconds."
  • Wild Strike: split for PvP; retains original functionality.
  • Wild Strike (PvP): increased recharge to 6 seconds.


  • Chain Lightning: decreased recharge to 6 seconds.
  • Freezing Gust: decreased duration to 1...5 seconds; increased recharge to 7 seconds.
  • Invoke Lightning: decreased activation time to 1 second; decreased recharge to 8 seconds.


  • Aegis (PvP): removed existing failure effect for spells; added the following functionality: "Target other party member cannot be the target of hostile spells."
  • Draw Conditions: increased recharge to 4 seconds.
  • Healing Burst: increased target healing to 10...160.
  • Patient Spirit: added the following functionality: "No effect if ends early."


  • Angorodon's Gaze: changed attribute to Soul Reaping; increased Energy gain to 5...15; increased Health stealing to 10...50.
  • Foul Feast: decreased Energy gain to 0...2 per condition; decreased recharge to 4; added the following functionality: "This skill recharges twice as fast if you remove Disease from your target."
  • Strip Enchantment: decreased number of enchantments removed to 0...2; increased recharge to 20 seconds.


  • Crippling Shot: increased recharge to 4 seconds; increased Cripple duration to 1...11 seconds.
  • Melandru's Shot: decreased recharge to 10 seconds.


  • Weapon of Shadow: added the following functionality: "The next 0...3 times that ally hits with an attack, his target is Blinded for 5 seconds."

NPC Updates[]

  • Fuu Rin [Assassin Henchman] no longer uses Fox Fangs; she now use Fox Fangs (PvP).

Bug Fixes[]

Automated Tournaments[]

  • Updated the 2010 Automated Tournament Series Trophy in the Great Temple of Balthazar.
  • Updated the Automated Tournament map rotation.

GuildWiki notes[]