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Update - Thursday, June 2, 2011[]

Skill Changes[]

For more information on these changes, please see the Developer Updates page.


Arena Updates[]

  • Codex Arena will now shift the available skills once per day.
  • Zaishen Strongboxes have been added to guild vs. guild, Heroes' Ascent, Random Arena, and Codex Arena.
  • Alliance spies have been spotted in Alliance PvP outposts; talking to them will transport you to the opposing outpost.
  • The guild ladder has been reset.

PvP Reward Updates[]

  • Players can now trigger previously earned Zaishen rank emotes by typing "/zaishen #" or "/zrank #" in chat.
  • Players can now trigger previously earned Hero title emotes by typing "/rank #" or "/fame #" in chat.
  • Alliance PvP formats now reward Imperial faction.
  • Imperial Faction Converters have been placed in Alliance PvP outposts to convert Imperial faction to Luxon, Kurzick, or Balthazar faction.
  • Zaishen Coins are now tradable items.
  • Exchange rates with Zaishen Coin collectors have been changed for several items.
  • Jessie Llam now offers new items.
  • Tolkano now offers new weapon skins.

Title Updates[]

  • The Codex Title[sic] now awards points for every consecutive win in Codex Arena, starting with the second.
  • The Gladiator title now awards points for every consecutive win in Random Arena, starting with the second.

Automated Tournaments[]

  • Updated the 2011 Automated Tournament Series Trophy in the Great Temple of Balthazar.
  • Updated the Automated Tournament map rotation.

GuildWiki notes[]

  • The Codex and Gladiator title track requirements were multiplied by five and every account's points were multiplied by eight to accommodate the title changes.
  • Hard Mode Quests now have a "[Hard Mode Only]" notation in the quest log, similar to the "[Difficulty: Master]" quests.