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Gamer title track[]

Gamer is earned by winning points in Festival Games, like the Snowball Arena. It is tied to your account, not any particular character. This title can be displayed in the "Honor" monument from tier 3 onwards.

Rank Title Gamer Points needed
1 Skillz 1,000
2 Pro Skillz 2,000
3 Numchuck Skillz 4,000
4 Mad Skillz 7,000
5 Über Micro Skillz 12,000
6 Gosu Skillz 20,000
7 1337 Skillz 32,500
8 iddqd Skillz 50,000
9 T3h Haxz0rz Skillz 70,000
10 Pure Pwnage Skillz 90,000
11 These skillz go to 110,000
12 Real Ultimate Power Skillz 135,000

Gamer points acquisition[]

Gamer points are awarded for participating in festival games:

Game Event(s) Points
Costume Brawl 15 points per win
Dragon Arena 5 points per win
Dragon Nest
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Canthan New Year
  • Dragon Festival
1st place: 1 point for each defeated opponent
Dwayna Vs Grenth (snowball fight) 15 points per win
Rollerbeetle Racing
  • Birthday Celebration
  • Canthan New Year
  • Dragon Festival
1st place: 7 points

2nd place: 5 points
3rd place: 3 points
4th place: 2 points
5th & 6th place: 1 point (if within 30 seconds of 1st place)


  • Numchuck Skillz (3): In the film Napoleon Dynamite, the main character boasts about his "skills" with "numchucks".
  • Über Micro Skillz (5): The German word/prefix "über" is commonly used among online gamers to describe something or someone that is superior, either in quality or in skill. "Micromanagement" is the performance of many small tasks in a video game in a short time; micromanagement in Guild Wars usually refers to the manual control of heroes. "Über micro skillz" would describe a gamer who is very good at micromanagement.
  • Gosu Skillz (6): Gosu is a Korean word that means, loosely, "the upper hand," and is used to describe a person with great skill in martial arts, Go, and, more recently, video games. Korea's strong influence in online gaming has led to the term's adoption by gamers in western countries.
  • 1337 Skills (7): "1337" is the leetspeak rendering of "elite."
  • iddqd Skillz (8): "iddqd" is a cheat code that enables "god" mode in the early first-person shooter DOOM.
  • T3h Haxz0rz Skillz (9): This is also leetspeak, meaning "(the) hacker's skills."
  • Pure Pwnage Skillz (10): Pure Pwnage is an online mockumentary series about a supposed "pro gamer." The term "über-micro" (see rank 5) originates from episode 2 of this series.
  • These Skillz Go To (11): In the heavy metal mockumentary This Is Spinal Tap, the band has a special amplifier whose volume dials all have 11 as the highest setting (standard amplifiers only go to 10). When asked why they didn't just make the 10 setting louder, the lead guitarist simply replies, "But these go to 11."
  • Real Ultimate Power Skillz (12) is a reference to the site Real Ultimate Power, which is a joke site about how awesome ninjas are.
  • The max rank can be achieved with exactly 9,000 wins in Dwayna Vs Grenth (arena), a reference to the "Over 9000!" meme inspired by Dragonball Z.

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