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  1. Exterminate the Seborhin Pests.
  2. Kneel to water the garden plants. You have 6...0 more plants to water.
  3. Pick up all the fallen leaves. 10...0 leaf piles left.
  4. Carry the leaf bags up the stairs. 3...0 leaf bags left.
  5. See Hedge Wizard Mabai for your reward.

Obtained from

Hedge Wizard Mabai in Garden of Seborhin


Puzzling Parchment



"I need to finish some chores before we depart on our grand adventure! The caretaker won't let me leave until my work is done. It'll go quite a bit faster if you lend a hand. What do you say? Are you ready to get your hands dirty?"
Accept: "Check out my green thumb!"
Reject: "*achoo!* My allergies are kicking in. Maybe next season...."

Intermediate Dialogue 1

Hedge Wizard Mabai: "We've had a bit of an insect problem lately. Help me clear out these pests."

Intermediate Dialogue 2

Hedge Wizard Mabai: "Great job! Now let's do a little watering. These plants look thirsty."

Intermediate Dialogue 3

Hedge Wizard Mabai: "Excellent! Now let's clean up those leaves. They're everywhere."

Intermediate Dialogue 4

Hedge Wizard Mabai: "You're a natural! You want my job? Just one last thing; help me move these heavy leaf bags upstairs."

Reward Dialogue

"Phew! You smell that? That's the scent of an honest day's gardening! Thanks for your help. Now let's focus our attention on these cryptic scriptures, shall we?"


One Man's Dream


The first part of the quest directs you to kill the Seborhin Pests. They are under the lattice plant hangers and are very easy to kill with a full group.

The second phase directs you to water five plants; to do this, stand next to the planter you are directed to water, then type /kneel.

In the third part Mabai tells you to pick up 10 piles of leaves, they are all nearby. Use holding down the Alt key to aid in finding them. Pick them up in the same way as you would loot.

The final part makes you carry three bags of leaves up the stairs. Simply pick up one of the bags and carry it to the top of the staircase, it will automatically drop when you have gone far enough (running skills and/or having multiple human players can expedite this process greatly).

Talk to the wizard for your reward and the next quest.


  • Fifth in a chain of six quests:
  1. Belgun the Quarry Master: Data Mining
  2. Belgun the Quarry Master: To the Rescue
  3. Belgun the Quarry Master: Coffer of Joko
  4. Belgun the Quarry Master: Puzzling Parchment
  5. Hedge Wizard Mabai: Garden Chores
  6. Hedge Wizard Mabai: One Man's Dream

Quest Series
Data Mining · To The Rescue · Coffer Of Joko · Puzzling Parchment · Garden Chores · One Man's Dream