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  1. Speak to Tharn Stonerift.
  2. Gather 10...0 more ore ingots.
  3. Return the ore ingots to Tharn Stonerift.
  4. See Krak Flamewhip for your reward.

Obtained from

Krak Flamewhip in Sorrow's Furnace


Take Summit Slaves



"Hey, slave! I owe a favor to Tharn Stonerift, and you're going to relieve me of the obligation. Go offer yourself to Tharn and do what he asks. Got it?"
Accept: "As you wish."
Reject: "I have other tasks to carry out first. boss."

Intermediate Dialogue 1 (Tharn Stonerift)

"Flamewhip sent you? Does he think it a favor to send me a filthy human slave? Well, make yourself useful and find me 10 ore ingots. Go on, be quick about it!"

Intermediate Dialogue 2 (Tharn Stonerift)

"I suppose even a human can count to ten, eh? Tell Flamewhip we're even."

Reward Dialogue

"Good. It don't pay to habor debts to Dwarves like Tharn. Now get back to work, slave!"


It's best if you take this quest first among the five tasks that Krak Flamewhip will demand of you. Then while running around to do the other quests, be sure to hold your "Alt" key and click on any ore box. You should gather at least 8 this way. In the end, the quest does a good job of pointing you to remaining ore boxes that have not been opened. There are more than ten ore boxes around, so finding your quota should pose little problem.

After you collect 10, speak to Tharn to hand them over, then to Krak to get your reward.


  • Some ore boxes are placed under crushers that will kill you instantly (although without death penalty), so time your grabbing with care. Henchmen are not crushed by them so bring Mhenlo or Lina along because they can resurrect you without worrying about being crushed.