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Disambiguous.png This article is about Ghostly Heroes in general. For more information on the Ghostly Hero of the Crystal Desert, see Turai Ossa.
Ghostly Hero
Ghostly Hero
Species: Ghost
Profession: Warrior/Ranger Warrior-icon.png Ranger-icon.png
Level(s): 20, 24, 28

The Ghostly Hero is a figure that appears throughout the PvE and PvP parts of the game, though he has a different significance in each.

Ghostly Hero in PvE[]

For use of the Ghostly Hero in PvE see Turai Ossa.

Ghostly Hero in PvP[]

In Global Tournament PvP battles the level 28 Ghostly Hero will be an ally for your party and one of your objectives is to defend him. In PvP games, killing a Ghostly Hero provides a Morale Boost on non-king of the hill maps.

The Ghostly Hero has 640 health points.

Skills used[]

Known creatures using the Ghostly Hero model[]