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  1. Slay 10 Minotaurs.
  2. Return to Marchena for your reward.

Obtained from

Marchena in Augury Rock




1000 XP
WarriorShield Bash
RangerDust Trap
MonkBlessed Aura
MesmerMantra of Persistence
ElementalistObsidian Flame


"You've come here to Ascend have you? I suggest you watch out for the minotaurs if you head into Prophet's Path. It was those damnable bull-headed monstrosities that slew me many years ago. It really raises my ire that they still live while I am doomed to wander this desert as a ghost! If you are going to Prophet's Path, could you do me the rather small favor of slaying some of those hell-spawned cows for me? 10 of them should suffice, and I can make it worth your while.
How does that sound?"
Accept: "Sounds rather easy."
Reject: "Not worth my time."

Reward dialogue:

"Down with those damnable minotaurs! Ahh...I can almost hear their final breath rattle out of them as they lay on the sand mangled and bleeding and...oh, sorry...I got a little carried away there. A deal's a deal. You have my thanks."


You can kill minotaurs anywhere in the Crystal Desert for this quest, not just in Prophet's Path as the quest dialogue says. If the skills from the quest aren't needed immediately, simply wait until you do the Elona Reach mission, where the first half of the area is full of minotaurs.


  • As with the vanquisher counter, minotaurs slain by other monsters will count for this quest. Specifically, they are hostile towards the Marrow Scarabs and Scarab Nest Builders in Prophet's Path.
  • Certain minotaur bosses don't seem to update the quest log even when slain by your party, an example being Stoofed Chargehoof. The reason for this is unknown - it is probably an oversight.