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Disambiguous.png This article is about the monster skill used by Giants and Jotun. For the temporary skill available during The Battle of Jahai, see Giant Stomp (Turai Ossa).
Skill details
Giant Stomp
Monster skill.jpg
Campaign Core
Profession None
Attribute Unlinked
Type Attack
    10 Energy.png 4 Activation.png 32 Recharge.png

Full: All foes within range are knocked down and take 25 damage.

Concise: Causes knock-down and deals 25 damage to foes in range.


  • Giant Stomp is used by various large, humanoid creatures in the game.
  • It affects all creatures within earshot, friend or foe:
    • Any miniatures in the area will also be knocked down, unless the mini is based on a creature with an inherent knockdown immunity.
    • Foes using this skill are themselves immune to knockdowns.
  • The skill causes armor-ignoring physical damage.
Bug.png Bug! Giant Stomp requires 2 seconds to activate; only Bull Trainer Giants need the full 4 seconds listed in the official description.

Creatures using Giant Stomp[]