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Species: Human
Profession: Armor crafter
Level(s): 20


Giygas crafts Kurzick 15k armor sets. He will not offer his services if your Kurzick Faction is zero or is less than your Luxon Faction, regardless whether Vasburg Armory is under Luxon or Kurzick control at the moment you talk to him.


Armor Sets

Style Type Profession
Warrior-icon-small.png Ranger-icon-small.png Monk-icon-small.png Necromancer-icon-small.png Mesmer-icon-small.png Elementalist-icon-small.png Assassin-icon-small.png Ritualist-icon-small.png
Elite Kurzick armor Body armor 15k 15k 15k 15k 15k 15k 15k 15k
Headgear1 15k 15k 15k 15k 15k - 15k 15k
Auras Headgear2 - - - - - 1k - -
  1. Excluding "no attribute" headgear.
  2. Excluding Elementalist's Aura.


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