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The Old Gods[]

The canonical Gods of Tyria are the five gods who in the theology of humans and other advanced races created the world of Tyria. They are:

They are also known as the "Old Gods" as they left the world of Tyria about a thousand years ago.

The Old Gods[]

The presence of the Old Gods can be felt in the present day in the game in two major ways:

History of the Old Gods of Tyria[]

According to legend, the Old Gods lived on Tyria while creating it. They made their homes in the city of Arah in the area known as Orr. (It is unknown if at this time Dhuum was still God of Death, or if Grenth had already defeated and replaced him.)

In the year 1 BE, the Old Gods represented by Abaddon gifted all sentient races with the gift of magic, but it was abused as each race tried to use this gift to destroy the other. After a plea from King Doric, the Gods sealed away the power to control all of magic in the Bloodstones and shortly after Abaddon attempted to usurp control of Tyria from the other gods. After his defeat they left Tyria for good and went into the Rift in an event known as the Exodus of the Gods.

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The lore of the Old Gods[]

Outside of their history in Tyria, the Old Gods have a greater history and lore. Some of the known plots are:

A new Goddess[]

Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Guild Wars Nightfall.

At the conclusion of the Guild Wars Nightfall campaign, the Goddess of Truth was created. See Goddess of Truth for more details.