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Grasp of Insanity
Grasp of Insanity.JPG
Species: Torment creature
Profession: Warrior Warrior-icon.png
Level(s): 22, 28

Lesser Grasp 2007.jpg


These are powerful melee attackers which sometimes pop up from the ground. Unlike most Torment creatures, only the level 22 Grasps of Insanity are affected by the Lightbringer's skills, such as Lightbringer's Gaze. They are plentiful in the Ruins of the Tomb of the Primeval Kings, and are level 28 in Normal Mode and 30 in Hard Mode.

Since 2007, imitation "Grasps of Insanity" are encountered in the Dragon Festival reenactment missions.


Level 22

Level 28

Skills Used[]


  • Though found commonly in Underworld locations these are considered fleshy creatures and are susceptible to conditions such as bleeding, poison, etc.
  • During the dragon festival's last day the grasps invade the Shing Jea Monastery lead by The Fury in a mini game where they would chase around players that carry a Celestial Charge. The grasp would have to touch the character to kill them gaining a point to their side. If the district lost, by having a lower score, the grasps would run around setting people on fire and killing them.


Upon destroying a Celestial Charge on the ground:

"Another captured for our dark lord!"
"We cannot be stopped!"

Upon killing someone with a Celestial Charge:

"Resistance only prolongs your agony!"