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Graven Monolith
Graven Monolith.jpg
Species: Monolith
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 22 (26)


Graven Monoliths are mysterious constructs found in areas that were touched by Abaddon that have the ability to change form. They are first encountered at the end of the Jokanur Diggings mission (the apocrypha, which is a monolith boss) then in the Desolation where Abaddon was defeated by the Five Gods, there are also more of them in the Realm of Torment.

It is not quite understood what they represent. During the Abaddon's Gate mission, whenever Abaddon breaks his shackles, Graven Monoliths will spawn, and when players destroy them, the shackles are restored. In addition, the Apocrypha, the herald of Abaddon's return, was a Graven Monolith itself.

The quest Sticks and Stones explains that they started sprouting in the Desolation when Varesh made her way through. It also states that the Inscribed Shards found at their core contain writings.

Although usually found in isolated groups with 2-4 members at most in each patrol, there is a Temple of the Monoliths that has a group of almost 2 dozen in one spot. It would seem that location is where some or all of them are constructed by Margonites.


Skills used[]

Mesmer form[]

16 in Illusion Magic

Dervish form[]

Paragon form[]

Items dropped[]


  • The profession of a Graven Monolith can be determined by its shape and use of skills. Mesmers resemble Naga, Paragons resemble Krakens and Dervishes resemble Drakes.
  • Graven Monoliths in both The Desolation and the Realm of Torment drop Ancient Elonian Keys.
  • Sometimes Graven Monoliths will be stuck in the middle of Reform Carvings if hit with a knock down skill while casting Reform Carvings.
  • AoE DoT spells(Savannah Heat, Sandstorm, etc) work especially well against Graven Monoliths because they frequently use Reform Carvings at the beginning of an encounter, keeping them in one place for its duration.