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Great beasts (uncapitalized) are monstrous wildlife, although not all monstrous wildlife are considered great beasts. They can be broadly grouped into mammals, birds and reptiles or dinosaurs. The mammals can be broken up into tusked apes and Ntouka (though some Ntouka are birds), and the reptiles or dinosaurs can be broke up into Rinkhal Monitors, Behemoths and Cobalts.

Region Subtype Creature collectable drop
Istan dinosaur / reptile Monk13 Rinkhal Monitor1 Rinkhal Talon
Kourna ape Paragon22 (26) Tusked Howler
Paragon22 (26) Tusked Hunter
ntouka Monk20 (26) Ntouka Bird
Mesmer20 (26) Crested Ntouka Bird
Dervish20 (26) Rampaging Ntouka
Vabbi dinosaur / reptile Necromancer20, 24 (26) Behemoth Gravebane
Dervish24 (26) Scytheclaw Behemoth
Behemoth Hide
cobalt Warrior24 (26) Cobalt Mokele
Mesmer24 (26) Cobalt Scabara
Paragon24 (26) Cobalt Shrieker
Cobalt Talon
Tarnished Coast - Hard Mode only mammal Warrior(26) Aggressive Hippopotamus -
  1. Suspected

Hard mode levels are in parentheses.

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