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Disambiguous.png This article is about the Guardian Title. For the monk skill of the same name, see Guardian.

Guardian is a title, that you can display for prestige.

Guardian title track[]

An extension to the Protector title track that was released with Hard Mode. Earn your place as a Guardian of Tyria, Cantha, or Elona by completing all of a campaign's missions and bonuses in Hard mode. The Guardian titles contribute towards Legendary Guardian.

Title1 Campaign Missions completed
in Hard mode
Req. Reward Level
Guardian of Tyria Prophecies 25 Primary objectives plus Bonus
Guardian of Cantha Factions 13 Master's Reward
Guardian of Elona Nightfall 20 Master's Reward
1 The titles listed above are all individual and independent title tracks, with only one level each.


For details and help about how to get master's rewards and bonuses, see the page of the mission you're attempting.

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