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==Current week starting 2024-07-01: 3 Vermin Hide in Xaquang Skyway


[[File:Nicholas the Traveler location Xaquang Skyway.jpg|thumb|Nick's location this week]]

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General info and tips

Every week, Nicholas the Traveler requests a different item in exchange for Gifts of the Traveler. These items of the week end up being very valuable for a short period, since the gifts can usually be sold for 4–5 Platinum (and opening the gifts yields valuable items). Veteran players usually have no trouble farming the item using advanced (although standard) builds and they have access to the ideal farming locations. This guide, however, is designed to help every player of the game, including the relatively new player, who has fewer skills and might need to unlock the farming area.

Solo farming builds

These are the most popular solo builds available from PvX that can be used to farm for Nick's request:

General tips

  • Always farm in normal mode! The drop rate for trophies is not increased in hard mode, so all it does is make the farm more difficult.
  • Although solo farmers will generally find more trophies per run, there are times when adding one or two heroes will make your runs much faster, increasing your overall farm rate.
  • Waiting approximately two minutes after zoning can significantly increase the trophy drop rate, especially if the target farm is close to a portal.
  • If an item is difficult to gather, consider farming trades instead, i.e. compare how long it would take to earn the 4-15Platinum required to buy a full set versus how long it might take to earn the same amount through some other farm (e.g. feather farming).
  • Nick Gift Farms (YouTube video, featured in the official community news)

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