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News – Thursday, August 25, 2005[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Update

Guild Wars have been updated with a multitude of skill balances in preparation for the PvP Extreme Weekend, which begins in just a few hours. These skill balance changes, and a list of Faction increases for the weekend event, are posted on the Game Updates page.

Designer Interview

The lead designer for Guild Wars, James Phinney, answers questions about Guild Wars, and the soon-to-start PvP Extreme Weekend, over on IGN. Find the interview on this link.

Sorrow's Screenshots

Two new screenshots from Sorrow's Furnace have been added to the Guild Wars Gallery. Find a shot of intriguing subterranean structures and furious combat on this page.

IGN Coverage of PvPX

Check IGN for a lot of coverage on PvP Extreme Weekend:

There's more to come, so be sure to check IGN later today as well as tomorrow!

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