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News – Thursday, December 15, 2005[edit | edit source]

$100,000 in Prizes Announced, Rules Published

We are pleased to alert all guilds seeking a spot in the Guild Wars World Championship that we have posted two sets of official rules today. The rules include exciting details on the prizes and a sure-to-please change in the age restrictions for GWWC participants. Find the specific GWWC Rules on this link, and be sure to also read the Universal Guild Wars Tournament Rules on this link.

Guild Lockdown Grace Period

As you are aware, a lockdown for guild membership took effect on December 5th. This meant that players were not allowed to change guilds after that date. However, with the change in the age restrictions and other factors made clear by the publication of the event and tournament rules, we will be offering a single 24-hour "Grace Period" for guild resettling. Each player may make one, single change in guild membership between the hours of Midnight PST or 08:00 (a.m.) GMT on Saturday, December 17 and Midnight PST or 08:00 (a.m.) GMT on Sunday, December 18th. Any player who has changed or changes guilds outside of this specific grace period will be ineligible to participate in the Regional Playoffs or the Guild Wars World Championship. Please read the GWWC Rules and the Universal Guild Wars Tournament Rules for more information.

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