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News – Friday, October 28, 2005[]

Halloween Wallpaper

We have a special offering for Guild Wars fans today: An image for your desktop featuring the Guild Wars Bone Dragon in a setting suitable for the Halloween season. Find the wallpaper in a variety of sizes over on this link.

News – Thursday, October 27, 2005[]

Halloween Art Contest Winners Announced

A wealth of wonderful Halloween-centered art poured into the ArenaNet offices over the last several weeks, as Guild Wars players responded to the call to show their Halloween spirit with a Guild Wars theme. The variety, and the exceptional level of creativity, really impressed our team, and everyone from artist to programmer greatly enjoyed serving as judges for the contest. Were happy to present the winners today, 25 in all. Find them on this page. And look for more Halloween goodies coming soon.

News – Tuesday, October 25, 2005[]

Guild of the Week #22

The featured guild for this week's GotW is Xen of Onslaught, a guild with a three-year history in a variety of games. Find out more about XoO, and read their tale of an interesting and unconventional battle, on this link.

News – Monday, October 24, 2005[]

Halloween Fun

This is the final day of the Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest, so be sure your entries reach us by this evening. For more seasonal fun, you'll enjoy the wonderful Guild Wars Guild Emblem pumpkin patterns, created by a Guild Wars fan and professional pumpkin carver (yes, there is such a thing!) called "The Pumpkin Lady." You can visit her site through the main portal or head directly into the Guild Wars Pattern Section to pick up your free patterns. We'll be displaying The Pumpkin Lady's extraordinary carving of the Guild Wars Necromancer later this week.

News – Tuesday, October 18, 2005[]

Guild of the Week #21

Our guild of the week is Pie Induced Ecstasy, better known by its tasty acronym of PIE. You can learn about this guild over here.

News – Friday, October 14, 2005[]

Fansite Friday Designer Letter

The Fansite Friday series shifts gears this week with a new format that poses a fan question and offers an in-depth answer from one of the Guild Wars Designers. This week's topic is in-game farming and item sales. Find the article on this link.

News – Wednesday, October 12, 2005[]

Halloween Art Contest Ends Soon

The Halloween Season is upon us. Our Guild Wars Halloween Art Contest judges are goblin up the entries and want to scare up even more! Make no bones about it, everyone has more than a ghost of a chance to win. Now, we want to mention that the dead-line for entering is coming soon. So get in the spirit! Witch entry will it be? The wallpaper? The costume design? Or something else? Find all the contest details on this page.

News – Tuesday, October 11, 2005[]

Guild of the Week #20

We focus this week on Black Rose Gaming, a veteran guild that has gained experience in a variety of games over the last six years. BR has been most generous in offering strategy suggestions, and the members have provided valuable advice on several guild builds. Read the article here.

News – Monday, October 10, 2005[]

Guild Wars Interview on 1Up

Guild Wars is featured in the November 2005 issue of Computer Gaming World Magazine. 1Up has a preview of the feature on their site now, with an interview, screenshots, and several developer build ideas. Find the feature here.

News – Tuesday, October 04, 2005[]

Guild Wars Ladder Archives

We have added an archive of the Top 500 guilds on the Guild Wars Ladder during the period of time leading to the start of the Guild Wars World Championship Season. Find the Pre-Season Archives here.

Guild of the Week #19

Our featured guild this week is Servants of Fortuna, an international guild that traces its roots to last December's Beta Weekend Event. Read about SoF on this link.

News – Monday, October 03, 2005[]

DirectSong Battle Pak Available

DirectSong has released their first Battle Pak, a premium music upgrade for Guild Wars that doubles the amount of available in-game music. Guild Wars Battle Pak One is supported by the improved sample rate and high-definition codec first heard in the free Sorrow's Furnace Mini-Pak. Find out more on the DirectSong site.

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