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News - Thursday, July 20, 2006[]

Ladder to be Reset; Fun Season to Begin

With the completion of the recent GWFC Open Event, we wanted to give you all a few days to relax before we begin the next event. Just as we did prior to the GWWC, we will be running a "fun" ladder event leading up to the GWFC. This will allow guilds competing in Leipzig to practice, and in addition, we can give out more cool prizes to the winning guilds!

The tournament ladder will reset at 08:00 GMT July 21 and the fun ladder event will run until 08:00 GMT August 21. At the end of this fun event, we will be giving out the following prizes:

Ladder Finish Prizes Earned

1st place
  • Permanent Gold Cape Trim for guild
  • 8 signed copies of Guild Wars Prophecies or Guild Wars Factions*
  • 8 complete sets of skill pins*
2nd place
  • Silver Cape Trim for guild**
  • 8 complete sets of skill pins*
3rd-16th place
  • Silver Cape Trim for guild**

*Signed copies of Guild Wars and complete sets of skill pins will be mailed to the 8 players designated by the Guild Leader

**Silver Cape trim lasts until the end of the next announced season

So get ready to go for the silver and gold!

The Scribe #7

This week's news scroll gives you info on a much-sought-after treasure, and offers a bit of advice on how to obtain it. In addition, you can read about this weekend's Balthazar-based event, and catch up on the kind feats of a few extraordinary Tyrians and Canthans, as well.

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