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News - Wednesday, August 23, 2006[]

GWFC: The Guilds in Leipzig

The Koreans have landed. No, seriously, their bus just pulled up outside our hotel. My roommate, Tournament Director Michael Gills, dashes out to meet them downstairs ...

First Report from Leipzig

The first of what will be many reports from Leipzig is available now in our GWFC Section. This travel diary from our community relations manager, Gaile Gray, covers her pre-Leipzig journey, tells a bit about the host city, and describes the coming together of the guilds during the evening preceding the start of the competition.

Guild Wars Factions Championship Match Schedule

The GWFC begins tomorrow! For those who couldn't make it to Leipzig, don't worry. Matches will be viewable in-game on Observer Mode as official results become available, so you won't miss out. Check here for the GWFC match schedule.

Meet the GWFC Guilds

As our teams at the Games Convention in Leipzig start setting up today we wrap up our Meet the GWFC Guilds interviews this week with interviews from The Last Pride, Esoteric Warriors, and Irresistible Blokes. The Guild Wars Factions World Championship and the Games Convention start tomorrow!

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