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News - Wednesday, September 27, 2006[]

Introducing: The PvP Primer

Today, we’re kicking off a major new series for our Competitive Section. The PvP Primer is designed to welcome new players into the wonderful world of player-versus-player gaming, and to furnish hints, tips, and strategies to the existing player, as well. The first article—the introduction to the series—is online today. You can look for future articles every Wednesday. What are you waiting for? Read the Primer and start playing!

Wednesday Wallpaper Returns

We’re happy to restart a Guild Wars tradition: The weekly release of a game-related wallpaper. In our inaugural image, we present a close-up of the Dervish, whose face graces the Guild Wars Nightfall Standard Edition. Find this week’s desktop image, in a choice of ratios and resolutions, here.

EU News[]

Yahoo! News Tracker Widgets

NCsoft news delivered straight to your desktop!

We have created a special set of NCsoft Widgets to run on the Yahoo! Widget Engine that will help you keep tabs on your favourite NCsoft games.

Yahoo! Widgets are handy mini-applications that you can run on your desktop via an easy-to-use program called the Yahoo! Widget Engine, which is available for both Windows and Mac OS X.

Widgets are available to perform any number of tasks such as checking your email, showing you the weather forecast, or perhaps unleashing a crazed monster that roams your desktop, chewing on application windows, and attacking the mouse cursor if it gets too close. Yes, really.

Check out the Guild Wars News Tracker Widget here, or head over to PlayNC to see the full set!

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