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News - Thursday, October 05, 2006[edit | edit source]

Nightfall Launch Party Contest

Tomorrow is the deadline to submit your entry for the chance to win an invitation to the Nightfall Launch Party! Are you local or can you get yourself to Seattle on October 17th? Do you consider Guild Wars more than a game, but perhaps a way of life(WE mean ,are you totaly lifeless?)? Hey, you might just be a Super Fan! If so, read this page and consider tossing your hat into the ring for an invitation to the Nightfall Launch Party!

The Scribe #18

This week, our traveling transcriber has brought us news from Elona and from other lands as well. Read interview comments with winners of the Guild Emblem contest, learn about the latest in the Sunspear recruitment drive, and catch up on gracious and giving acts from the citizenry here.

Post-Event Press Release

If you’d like to get some inside info about the recent Nightfall World Preview Event, head over and read today’s press release, which will tell you about attendees, hours played, and the developer reaction to the event as well.

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