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News - Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Return of the (Mad) King

Get ready for fun! The Guild Wars Halloween 2006 Event will be beginning in just a few days, and the towns are being decorated now to get in the spirit of the occasion. This event will be a multi-day affair witch begins with unsettling events on Saturday and culminates in a return visit by a certain well-loved (and semi-feared) maniacal monarch on Halloween itself. Break out the Squash Serum, prepare your Ghosts-in-the-Box, and treat yourself to a few tantalizing event details on the Halloween Page.

Nightfall Trailer #3

With the release of the third campaign in the Guild Wars saga just a few days away, we debut the third and final pre-release trailer for Nightfall. This movie features custom music written by Guild Wars composer Jeremy Soule. You can download the trailer here.

PvP Primer: Random Arenas

Having finished the two-part series on Zaishen Combat earlier this week, we now move to the topic of Random Arenas. Today, you can check out a new PvP Primer article on the Boon Prot and Hammer Warrior builds for Random Arenas.

Winterfest 2006 Ladder Season Announced

After wrapping up the Autumn Season playoffs last weekend, we're moving directly into another fun season—one that offers really unique rewards! The Guild Wars Ladder will be unfrozen on Saturday, October 28th, with the start of the Winterfest 2006 Season. Find out more on the rules page.

Mad Monarch Memorialized

This week’s wallpaper offers a seasonal decorative flair, with a reflection on the past and a look towards the future in the visage of that well-loved annual visitor, Mad King Thorn. Decorate your desktop, boys and ghouls, by clicking here.

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