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News - Friday, December 1, 2006[]

Domain of Anguish Opens!

The way to the Domain of Anguish is now revealed, and players who have completed Nightfall are invited to enter its hidden reaches. Through access in the Chantry of Secrets, you’ll find one outpost, four explorable areas, ten quests, an amazing mission, and many opportunities for exceptional riches. Acquire spectacular weapons for your character and Primeval Armor for your Heroes. Collect special gemstones for many purposes, including unlocking mysterious coffers that contain valuable and oftentimes rare items. Meet the long-awaited Razah, the Ritualist Hero. All of this is yours, in the Domain of Anguish!

Factions: Game of the Year

In last night's award ceremony at the 3rd Annual DEMMX Conference in Los Angeles, Guild Wars Factions was announced as the winning Multiplayer Game of the Year. You can find details here.

EU News[]

Guild Wars Winter Party Contests

We here at NCsoft Europe love a good party, and we know you do too. The only thing to be done about that, of course, is to throw a big party! We’d love to invite everyone, however we simply do not have enough space. So instead, you’re going to have to show us why we should invite you to come and join in the fun.

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