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News – Thursday, March 30, 2006[edit | edit source]

Siege the Day!

Check out this week's screenshot for a view of a much-loved new feature of Factions: The Siege Turtle. These members of the Luxon armada play an important role in a mission at the Gyala Hatchery, which is where this screenshot was taken. Find the shot over here.

News – Wednesday, March 29, 2006[edit | edit source]

Wednesday Wallpaper

Our weekly desktop decoration, or print for your bulletin board, is a melding of art forms: a close-up view of the Assassin render backed by a capture of the architecture from the Factions cinematic. Pick up your choice of wallpapers on this link.

News – Tuesday, March 28, 2006[edit | edit source]

Guild of the Week #42

A newer guild with a bi-national membership, Lost in the Labyrinth offers a friendly welcome to Czech- and Slovakian-speaking players from around the world. Read a bit about their guild, check out one of their unusual builds, and meet some of the individual members in this week's Guild of the Week feature.

News – Monday, March 27, 2006[edit | edit source]

Factions Preview Event Ends

In a wave of death and destruction wrought by Kuunavang, a tragic victim of the plague that pervades all of Cantha, the Factions Preview Event came to an end at Midnight this morning. We want to express our thanks to Guild Wars fans—old and new—for their tremendous support of the event. Watch for our FPE movie next week, and we'll see you all on April 28th!

News – Friday, March 24, 2006[edit | edit source]


Do you or your guild members have questions about the Guild Wars Factions Championship? Well, we have a handy FAQ that should provide you with some answers! The FAQ has information on the general rules and those pertaining to the championship finals, and includes details on the exciting GWFC Open Event, as well. Find the FAQ on this link.

News – Thursday, March 23, 2006[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Factions Cinematic Released

We’re proud to offer you the opportunity to download the official Guild Wars Factions cinematic trailer. This chilling cinematic takes us 200 years into the past to witness the ultimate betrayal by the traitor Shiro Tagachi, and the cataclysmic events that would alter the landscape of Cantha forever. You'll find the cinematic in a choice of resolutions over in our Gallery, on this page.

News – Wednesday, March 22, 2006[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of the Week

Today's screenshot offers a look at another new area of Cantha: Jaya Bluffs. Jaya Bluffs is a quest area within the larger rural regions of Cantha. Head over to the Gallery to take a look, or simply click here.

FPE Gameplay Trailer

Here's your chance to get another sampler of what's in store for you this weekend: Download the latest Guild Wars Factions gameplay trailer! The trailer shows a glimpse of several Canthan locations, and dives into a number of intense battles, from the Eternal Grove to the Gyala Hatchery. Find the trailer in high- and low-res versions, on this link.

News – Tuesday, March 21, 2006[edit | edit source]

FPE Sneak Peek Posted

You can read the particulars of your upcoming Factions Preview Event experience on a new page, published today in our Events Section. Get the heads up on missions, find out exciting info on alliance battles, and scope out a lot of other facts, too! Click through for all the latest info on the event.

Guild of the Week #41

One of the topmost European guilds, Capita Cerberi currently holds a high rank on the Guild Wars Ladder. Get to know more about this veteran Guild Wars guild, and note their early and ingenious incorporation of the new Factions professions, on this link.

News – Tuesday, March 14, 2006[edit | edit source]

Guild of the Week Turns 40

This week's addition to the continuing Guild of the Week series features the Crossing Tyria Guild, a group of players who first came together on our community fansite of the same name. CT members focus on all aspects of gameplay and are known for their helpfulness and sense of humor. Find the feature on this link.

News – Monday, March 13, 2006[edit | edit source]

Servers Restored

The Guild Wars servers experienced a glitch today that necessitated a roll-back of a few hours. Details can be found here.

Party Wrap-Up

You can read about last Thursday's Factions Preview Party in our Preview Party Wrap-up article. You'll find an event overview, a community report, and details of the news PvP gameplay option, the Guild Wars Sealed Deck. Check this link for all the news. The press has covered the event as well. Here are a few links:

Special Guild Opportunity

We’re delighted to let Guild Wars players know of a special opportunity: The guild that finishes No. 1 in the first seasonal playoffs of the Guild Wars Factions Championship will be invited to play Guild Wars at E3, one of the largest game shows in the world! This is the first of what we hope will be several special opportunities during the championship season. You can find all the details and rules on this page. So, get your game on, and bring it to LA!

News – Friday, March 10, 2006[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Factions Contents Pages

We are delighted to provide you with the contents pages for the Guild Wars Factions Standard and Collector's Editions. You read earlier about what you'll get in the North American and European Factions Pre-Order Pack. Now find out what you'll be receiving in your copy of the game! Click through for all the goodies for North America and for Europe.

Guild Wars Factions Release Date Revealed

In a press release issued early this morning, ArenaNet and NCsoft announced the release date of Guild Wars Factions, and provided new information about the gameplay options and the upcoming Factions Preview Event, scheduled to begin March 24th. Find the press release here.

News – Thursday, March 09, 2006[edit | edit source]

Weekly Screenshot

A new Factions screenshot is presented in the Gallery today. This image shows an area called the Maatu Keep and Highlands, which is part of the rural region within Cantha. Find the screenshot here.

New Guild Rewards Unveiled

At the conclusion of the recent Guild War Ladder "fun season," awards were given to the top eight guilds. You can learn about those new rewards—a permanent feature of the Guild Wars Championship—and you can check out a few screenshots, too, on this page.

News – Tuesday, March 07, 2006[edit | edit source]

New PvP Season Begins!

At 8:00 a.m. GMT (Midnight Pacific) today a brand new season of competitive Guild Wars play began. The first qualifying season of the Guild Wars Factions Championship will run from March 7th until April 3rd, and playoffs for that initial season will take place April 8th through April 13th. We'll have news soon about an exciting bonus prize associated with the first season of GWFC play. We look forward to seeing your guild in the playoffs!

Guild of the Week #39

This week's Guild of the Week features the Guild Wars World Champion, The Last Pride (EvIL). Members of EvIL answer questions about the tournament, recount some of their winning builds, and share their impressions of the GWWC event experience. Find the article here.

Guild Wars Factions Interview

One of our Elite Fansites, GWOnline, recently compiled a fan-driven Elite Fansite Interview, and they've posted it today. Topics include new profession introductions and balance, Factions bonuses, roleplaying, and more. Read the interview here.

News – Monday, March 06, 2006[edit | edit source]

Guild Wars Factions Featured on IGN

Over at IGN, you will find a fresh article on the new Guild Wars Factions professions, the Assassin and the Ritualist. The feature also serves up information and images related to the Canthan armor sets for the six core professions. Find the coverage on this page.

Guild Wars Factions Backstage Pass Contest

Thanks to all who entered the Guild Wars Backstage Pass Contest. Entries arrived from all over Washington and Oregon, and from Texas, Canada, New York, and Colorado, too. We will be sending out the invitations later today, and look forward to meeting the lucky winners at this Thursday's event!

News – Thursday, March 02, 2006[edit | edit source]

Screenshot of the Week

This week's screenshot features the Assassin in Ft. Aspenwood, a new Competitive Mission map within Cantha. Check it out on this link.

Guild Wars Guilds Interviewed

Two of the guilds who participated in the Guild Wars World Championship have completed a post-show interview, which we have added to the GWWC Section. Click through to find the interviews by Idiot Savants and Lamer's Ultimate Majority.

Factions FAQ Updated

The Factions FAQ was expanded and updated today. You can read the latest Factions questions and answers here.

News – Wednesday, March 01, 2006[edit | edit source]

New Guild Wars Factions Fan Contest

Players have a new opportunity to take part in an exciting Guild Wars fan contest, the first for Guild Wars Factions. We're expanding the Guild Emblems catalogue, and this is your chance to make a permanent impact on the game! Simply create a new guild design, send it in, and wait to see if your emblem is chosen as an addition to the global catalogue. The deadline for mailing to ArenaNet or your local NCsoft office is April 7, 2006. Find out more on this page, and we hope to see your entry in the contest!

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