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News - Tuesday, March 6, 2007[edit | edit source]

Exclusive Asura Miniature Revealed!

Players will get the opportunity to adopt a brand new, exclusive miniature, the Asura, by purchasing a copy of selected game magazines in North America and Europe. We've managed to capture an image of one of these elusive little creatures, and you can check it out here. The list of regional publications, and their shelf dates, is available here. Several of our media partners will be running more than one feature about Guild Wars, so we will expand the regional publication list to provide additional details as they become available.

Heroic Weekend Ongoing

Bring your Heroes or recruit new ones this weekend, for they will get double XP while they are below you in level. Plus, you will have double the chance of acquiring Hero armor upgrade pieces in Dajkah Inlet, Remains of Sahlahja, The Shadow Nexus, and Gate of Anguish. The event will run from Noon on Friday, March 9 through 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 11.

Guild of the Week: LJ6 March 2007

We're looking towards Europe for this week's featured Guild, and specifically to Limburgse Jagers, a Dutch and Belgian guild. Meet the guild members and read a few of their suggested PvE builds in the new article.

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