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News - Wednesday, April 4, 2007[]

Guild Wars, Russian Style

We're pleased to announce that starting April 19th, Guild Wars players will note an expanded language option that includes the Russian language. This brings to eleven the total number of languages in which Guild Wars is presented. We wish to extend a hearty "welcome" to all those who are joining us from Russia.

The Scribe: Rabbit Tales & Storage News

Our wandering writer sends word this week of news that is sure to please all citizens, be they Tyrian, Canthan, or Elonian. He also recounts an intriguing hint of weekend gifts that was passed along by an unlikely source while he maintains the tradition of call-outs to the good and generous. Read it all in this week's news scroll.

EU news[]

Guild Wars Language Support Grows

In a recent press release, NCsoft Europe and ArenaNet have announced that Russian language support for Guild Wars will be available from April 19th for Prophecies, with Factions and Nightfall to follow in May.

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