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News - Thursday, April 19, 2007[edit | edit source]

Experience Hard Mode!

Your Guild Wars options have just grown by leaps and bounds with today's introduction of Guild Wars Hard mode. Hard mode allows your characters to play through missions and quests at a higher level of difficulty. With success in Hard mode, you'll acquire new titles, achieve increased title ranks, reap greater rewards, and obtain many new items. Find out more on the Update Notes or on the Hard Mode Fact Sheet and jump into Hard Mode now!

Gather Your Prizes

If you participated in the Xunlai Tournament House prediction opportunity involving the recent Celestial Tournament, now is the time to visit your friendly Xunlai Tournament Agent to retrieve your prize or prizes. Congratulations to the thousands who took part in the fun. We look forward to more prize-giving in the future.

Hard Facts About Hard Mode

Within a matter of hours, Guild Wars players will be able to participate in a whole new challenge: Guild Wars in Hard mode! We thought you'd enjoy a little preview of this exciting update, so check out the Hard Mode Fact Sheet for a sampling of some of the many cool new elements that this update will add to the game.

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