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Information about the status, behavior, and how to contact GuildWiki's administrators can be found here. For information about the role of administrators, see GuildWiki:Administrators.

Current Administrators[]

These GuildWiki sysops work hard to make sure the wiki is as readable and usable as possible. A system-generated list can be found on Special:Listadmins. If you are made an administrator, please update this list however you see fit.

The Bureaucrats[]

We think Felix is a pretty cool guy, he handles regular sysop duties in addition to fulfilling a secondary role as bureaucrat and isn't afraid of anything. Also usermerge. Jink forgot to add herself here, so Gigathrash did it for her. Also: Gigathrash.

Active wiki administrators[]

* indicates a bureaucrat

Dr Ishmael, Felix Omni*, Jink*, and Vipermagi are on the wiki daily to fight vandalism, block users, delete pages, and respond to general user requests.

Semi-active wiki administrators[]

* indicates a bureaucrat

El_Nazgir, Gigathrash*, JonTheMon, Randomtime, and Rose Of Kali are sometimes active, and sometimes inactive, depending on time restrictions and other things.

Inactive administrators[]

* indicates a bureaucrat

Adam.skinner, Cress Arvein, Entropy*, Fyren, Gares Redstorm, Gem, Gimmethegepgun, Gordon Ecker, Gravewit*, Isk8, JediRogue*, Jioruji Derako, Karlos, LordBiro*, Marcopolo47, MartinLightbringer(CS), Nunix*, PanSola*, Rainith, Shadowcrest, William Blackstaff, Warwick, and Xasxas256 are mostly inactive. While they still occasionally pop into GuildWiki, they probably should not be contacted for wiki concerns.

Detailed Information[]

Username Talk page Wiki-mail External contact details Usual hours (GMT) Location Last active Preferred duties
Felix Omni talk wiki-mail MSN:, IRC morning, evening Illinois contribs To Mend and Defend. Also delete, ban, patrol, mediate.
Jink talk wiki-mail MSN: ask me, IRC daily USA contribs admin stuff, b-crat stuff, den mother.
Vipermagi talk wiki-mail In-game: Skin of Vipermagi (not very active) 16:00-23:00 GMT +1 Holland contribs What needs to be done

El_Nazgir talk wiki-mail On IRC. possibly e-mail none Belgium contribs Occasional delete, and giving a vandal a boot to the head. I lurk here daily.
Gigathrash talk wiki-mail IRC, In-Game, Steam (Gigathrash) ??? Utah contribs EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE, EXTERMINATE. Oh yah, and protect and serve.
JonTheMon talk wiki-mail In game, IRC evenings, weekdays mid-morning to afternoon USA contribs RC, ban, delete, prot. Maybe some template/code stuff if Ishy doesn't beat me.
Randomtime talk wiki-mail feel free to email me, I'm also on IRC. English evenings mostly England contribs Semi-active, I'll check in sometimes, but I may not be actively watching RC - willing to help out if you give me a ping on IRC or a talk message.
Rose Of Kali talk wiki-mail In-game: Rose Of Kali random Ukraine contribs A little bit of everything, whatever's needed when others aren't around
Dr ishmael talk wiki-mail Wikimail only whenever Arkansas, USA contribs Stuff
Adam.skinner talk June 2005
Cress Arvein talk wiki-mail In-game: Cress Arvein random NY, USA contribs Deletion, banhammer, patrolling RC and tagging images
Entropy talk wiki-mail, wikimail, in-game as Little Vili (rarely on), #gwiki IRC channel (as Alex`), MSN: completely random somewhere in USA contribs Nostalgia
Fyren talk contribs
Gares Redstorm talk wiki-mail AIM: GaresRedstorm
YIM: garesredstorm
when you least expect it North Carolina, USA contribs Recent Changes Voyeurism
Gem talk wiki-mail In game
IRC: Gemi @ QuakeNet, IRCNet and GameSurge
random times around the clock Helsinki, Finland contribs User related, deleting, other random stuff
Gimmethegepgun talk wiki-mail Wikimail only intermittent New York contribs RC patrol, deletions
Gordon Ecker talk wiki-mail 6 PM - Midnight PST Vancouver, BC contribs
Isk8 talk wiki-mail ICQ/AIM: 281820797
IGN:Shioris Barrier.
Sporadic IN, USA contribs Watching Recent Changes, reverting vandalism, banning, deleting, and anything else that may be required of me.
JediRogue talk wiki-mail (go gchat)
in game (Aeryn Delmarre)
almost 24/7 NY, USA contribs policy interpretation, refinement, enforcement, constant RC patrol
Jioruji Derako talk wiki-mail E-mail
AIM: Jio Derako
various hours around the clock PA, USA contribs deletion, user requests/user conflicts
Karlos talk wiki-mail In-game characters on user page 9 PM - 3 AM PST Seattle, WA (USA) contribs Recent Changes Lore, Bestiary, Missions, Formatting
LordBiro talk wiki-mail Jabber ID/Google talk address: 0900 - 2300 GMT (precisely) UK contribs Summoning Greater Icons
Marcopolo47 talk unusual MI, US contribs deletion, Banhammer, RC-Patrol
MartinLightbringer(CS) talk November 2005
Nunix talk September 2007
PanSola talk wiki-mail Freenode IRC: PanSola unusual California contribs As an admin: Ban/Del/Prot, editing site CSS/JS and MW interface. As a Bcrat: manage rollback/bot/sysop/bcrat flags. Almost everything else are things I would do as a regular user so don't fall under admin duties. Although on rare occasions my attempts to moderate conversations do require me to throw my rank around.
Rainith talk wiki-mail GWG Forums: Rainith
XBL Gamer Tag: Rainith
In-game: See user page for character names
varies Seattle, WA - USA contribs Not Builds
Shadowcrest talk wiki-mail IRC after 2:30 EST MD, USA contribs Handling things when nobody else is around
William Blackstaff talk wiki-mail varies sporadically. Australia July 2006 Sporadic editing and deletion of one-line articles pointless links. Oh and I hang around at OblivioWiki
Warwick talk wiki-mail Contact info. most of the time Britain contribs Sysop stuff
Xasxas256 talk wiki-mail varies Melbourne, Australia contribs Helping users