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This page is an official policy on GuildWiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. Please use the talk page to propose changes.


GuildWiki is not an encyclopedia, but we're also not a complete database for Guild Wars. This policy article attempts to clarify what content the GuildWiki is interested in retaining.

Information we always retain[]

Our goal is to become a complete set of documentation for Guild Wars. Along those lines, we retain all content that documents or describes current mechanics, terminology, game play, skills, equipment, strategy, and canon. Most of these pages are linked directly off the Main Page—they are, after all, the reason we are so popular as a fansite.

The key word in the above paragraph was "current." We deal with outdated information and one-time events (hereafter collectively referred to "historical information") differently.

Articles within a user's namespace are retained unless they could cause the GuildWiki to be in violation of the Guild Wars Community Fansite Program policies.

Guild information[]

GuildWiki retains no pages dedicated to any specific guild. Due to the sheer number of guilds, it would be impossible to maintain a guild namespace. In addition, inaccurate information would be impossible to verify. However, individual users may create a page for their guild in their userspace.


The GuildWiki retains no build articles. See this page for more information.


The GuildWiki retains no information on prices in the Guild Wars economy, as we feel the potential for abuse is too high. Because prices fluctuate constantly, it would be too much work to maintain an accurate price list. In addition, because anyone can edit an article, anyone can change the price of an item to an unrealistic amount, which would then be hard to verify.

External websites and applications[]

The GuildWiki retains information on any tools that players use in-game (such as voice chat). We do not retain any information on external websites (such as fansites and forums). We also remove any references to sites that provide the means to violate, or advocate the violation of, the Guild Wars Terms of Service, such as sites that sell gold, provide farming bots, or facilitate account trading.

If an article contains content that warrants mentioning an external site, then it is best to link directly to the site. To do this, use single brackets, place the link, then a space, then the link description. For example: [ this is a useful wiki on Guild Wars] would appear as: this is a useful wiki on Guild Wars

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